I was born in the North of Germany with roots in Denmark in 1983. I grew up. Experienced and enjoyed people, nature, sciences … life. I graduated with an excellent DEGREE in Fashion Design at the UNIVERSITY OF APPLIED SCIENCES in Hamburg in 2011. Before and during my studies I worked for several Haute Couture Designer and gained experience in fashion publishing as well.


My final collection “HARD TO COME BY AND HARDER TO HOLD” was nominated for “SELECCIÓN MODA BRUGAL” and finally won the highest award. Thus I got the chance to take part in further education at the PARIS AMERICAN ACADEMY with focus on Haute Couture Techniques.

In that process I benefitted from experiences of designers especially for women’s wear, accessories and head making of Jean Paul Gaultier, Balenciaga, Yves Saint Laurent, Madame Grès and Alexandre Vaultier for example 

I cherished every single experience. 


Since 2014  I've worked independently as a designer for fashion and accessories in Hamburg, Germany. Cross- functional cooperations, fruitful collaborations and exhibitions are centerpieces of my work.






I love to create. To inspire and to be inspired. I love to discover. I love art, vibes, every piece of nature, different people – you. I love moods, expressions. I love smooth and electric atmosphere. Quality. I love lightness and intensity, perfection and disorder, image and distortion – contrasts. I love to be a designer.